DESY Physics Research Committee

Welcome to the Physics Research Committee (PRC)

The PRC gives advice to the DESY directorate on all matters related to the particle physics programme at DESY.

At present, the experimental particle physics programme is focused on DESY's activities at the LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS (physics, detector upgrades, etc.), on the R&D and physics studies for future colliders (FTX) and its detectors, on the Belle II experiment, and on the ALPS-II, MADMAX and (Baby)IAXO axion experiments, plus the LUXE experiment. The comprehensive theory programme in collider phenomenology, particle cosmology, string theory and lattice field theory is also reviewed by the PRC. The PRC also comments on the DESY's computing efforts, and it eventually reviews remaining activities connected to the HERA experiments H1, HERMES and ZEUS.

PRC Chair: Steinar Stapnes (CERN)
PRC Scientific Secretary: Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius (DESY) -

Next (94th) PRC meeting (PRC94): 15/16 November 2022 - together with Atroparticle Physics Committee APC, and presumably in person in Hamburg

The PRC at its 88th meeting - its so far last in-person meeting before the Covid-19 pandemic. From left to right: Nigel Glover, Laura Covi, Ulrich Husemann, Yannis Semertzidis, Lutz Feld, Phil Burrows (Chair), Joachim Mnich, Amber Boehnlein, Juan Fuster